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8MP Network CCTV Tester support POE

-   Somehow the screen switch view images, image bigger and more clear and more intuitive.
-   The capacitive touch buttons + + virtual mouse, multiple optional operation
-   Support 4 k H265 / H264 / MPEG4 code live streaming video
-   IP version detection speed, faster, more accurate and entire network IP blind test, the intelligent recognition cameras started to be achieved
-   A key video seconds out of the image, faster and stronger compatibility
-   Speed ONVIF can modify IP camera, image parameters, stream, resolution
-   ONVIF servers, can be used as a network ONVIF cameras, can be used to test video.
-   A key to support volume activation sea Kang Dahua cameras, bulk modify IP, support changing the channel name
-   Portable run IPC manufacturer of mobile phone or tablet mobile client software
-   Support custom camera private agreement
-   The built-in wireless WIFI function, can test the wireless network camera, can be connected to the Internet to update the software
-   All video camera, video recording, playback
-   CVBS analog video image display, PTZ yuntai control, image scaling, photos, videos, playback
-   12 V 3 a large current dc power output
-   Support PoE switch voltage detection
-   Support PoE power supply standard, in line with IEEE802.3 at (25.5 W) standards
-   Support network cable on line test, the test cables on and off line and sequence
-   Support cable TDR breakpoint quality detection, detectable cable attenuation, impedance, reflection, and time delay
-   Support coaxial hd AHD/TVI/CVI, support 8 m, maximum support coaxial visual control calls the camera menu
-   Support the lens simulation functions
-   Support af detection, image quality detection
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