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Sinovision 2018 Annual Conference

In the evening of February 4th 2018,Sinovision held an annual conference to celebrate the achievements made in 2017 and look forward to a brilliant coming year at The King of Hakaka Hotel.

Mr. Liu congratulated on the New Year, the main contents include the following three points:

1. Thanks for the support of suppliers, the trust of customers and the cooperation of all the staff,with my sinerest regards and best wishes.

2. After three years of painstaking research and development, Sinovision has created a series of smart Internet  products with core technology competitive edge. The products are used in smart home, smart hotel, smart office building and other industries.

3. The opportunities and challenges co-exist, the Sinovision people make concerted efforts to overcome difficulties and meet the challenges with confidence.

Followed by the smart home R & D department representatives, Wang Fuyuan explained the advantages and operation of smart home, closely adhering to the company's corporate vision - the world knows what I do, smart changes your life.

New Year is coming,Sinovision wishes you have a wonderful year,perfect health,business prosperity.>

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